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My name is Layanne Malluhi. I am 13 years old. I was born on July 3rd, 1994 in Jackson, Mississippi. I lived in America for about ten years and then moved to Qatar. I am currently in the MYP school Qatar Academy.
have seven member of my current family. I am the oldest of all my siblings. I have four, three sisters and one brother.
One of my favorite hobbies include Writing Poetry. I love Poetry that rhymes and I wirte in what I call, "Poetry Notebook". I write in it weekly. Here is an example of two of my hundreds of poems:

'Back when life was complete,
'And when grass broke my fall,

'When music’s so sweet,
'And hatred is small

'When laughter can’t stop,
'And peace does exist,
'When no one’s atop
'The popular list

'When love’s in the air,
'And no did conquer,
'Mother Nature was fair,
'And no one could harm her,

'When all that was true,
'Men didn’t walk,
'They weren’t in view,
'We are life’s stalk.'

Here is another:

'Once upon a time,
'Happily ever after,
'Words of a story,
'Not in every chapter.

'In the very beginning,
'And in the very end,
'The reserved special places,
'For these words of trend.

'For once that it happened,
'And it happened upon a time,
'A time which it was set,
'And then there is a prime.

'After that event,
'They live forever glad,
'Happily ever after,
'Jealousy, makes me mad.

'But life isn’t a story,
'So these words it doesn’t contain,
'Don’t be sad and deal with it,
'Life’s such a pain.'

Another hobby I have is writing stories. I have written tons of fantasy stories. My oldest story is one that I have made up when I was nine years old. Check it out:

Dragon Girl

I have so much more though. I write sometimes for in http://www.fanfiction.net/. This is a website that allows you to write stories online, which has to be almost like a sequel to another book, movie, game or cartoon. I reccomend it to anyone who like wtiing and feedback from others.

Another hobby of mine is reading. I don't really 'enjoy' reading. I only enjoy getting the story out of it. I just recently started reading daily. What caused me to do this is my favorite book: Lord of the Rings. I am still working on it, it's very thick, But I absolutely love. (It's also my favorite move).

I also like listening to music. I have a 30-gigabyte ipod and I listen to it weekly. My favorite artist is Nelly Furtado.

My favorite place is my grandpa's farm, aka Al-Masri Farm. I have a powerpoint of it in my English Page.

My favorite school subject is definitely English because I enjoy writing and English in general. To me, English is entertaining (usually).

I want to be a writer when I grow. I think you could guess why from what I wrote above.

I hope that's enough. :P