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> "What I will say" (What I will show) --Music--
(-) means that the song is continuing

  • -->“Hi my name is Layanne Malluhi and you’re watching my ‘All about me’ video” (I will show a picture of me or a video clip of me) no music
  • --> "What you will see next is just pictures of my family and me". (I will have a title page saying this) Song: New Soul
  • -->(a Slideshow of pictures of me and my family) -
  • --> (Title Page: My Family) Song:
  • --> (Videos of my family)
  • --> (Clip of the school. I will also show the foyer and a classroom) -
  • --> (clip of me reading, and then a clip of my bookshelf) -
  • --> (clip of my shopping) -
  • --> (Clip of me daydreaming) -
  • --> (clip of me typing on my computer) -
  • --> (clip of me writing poetry) -
  • --> (clip of me taping something) -
  • --> (Clip of the journal) -
  • --> (Title Page: My Favorite Place: Syria) Song- Baladi
  • --> (Pictures of Syria)